Thursday, May 31, 2012

Heidi, getting a little plump

A beautiful Hollyhock peeking in the window

A Niangua River scene

Chief Lone Eagle, last free Osage on a high ridge, Niangua.
The painting is much larger

Spring and summer offers many things to do outside along with mowing and a bit of gardening and traveling here and there. After much thought we hired a tree trimming outfit to take out a few of our precious trees, for they were leaning and hovering over the house much to close. It had to be done. Heidi is doing quite well and is losing her winter coat, with the help of a brush. She is much diffrent than she was when she first came here to make it her home. She is a beautiful creature quite content in a large fence yard with a house of her own. She loves to walk with me along the the roads out of town and looks for grub worms to eat.Yesterday  I saw a fellow coming toward the house. He was stranger or so it appeared for he wore a long gray beard. When he approached me within speaking distance, I spoke as did he and  he kept moving toward me. When at last he was close I saw beneath the beard a friend I hadn't seen for at least forty years. It was a great moment for the both of us and we spent the next few hours talking and catching up with our lives. We have made plans to float a portion of the Niangua River in the autumn. It will be a two day journey and camping for one night. I truly appreciate those friends of mine who now and then after many years come to see me. I do hope someday, Two Lanterns will once again come to visit. I have no idea where he is and I have been unable to locate the rascal. My next posting on this blog will contain the contiuation of the Foot prints into the Dawn of Prehistory. It has been several months since the last episode. This spring has brought the holly hock more beautiful than they have been for years. A couple of them have grown to over eight foot in height. I have finish two paintings since last time I posted. Adios