Saturday, June 15, 2013

beauitful wonders of summer

Perhaps to some readers they have found I left my blog unattended for several days or weeks. Summer is demading, at least for me and so I began much needed work around the place. The most difficult job has  been scraping and painting one of our buildings. It was once a home, but now sits quietly as a storage place. I returned it to its original color of deep red. It is now fresh and beauitful and brightens the town. Another house will  be repainted in the autumn to its original yellow. I have mamaged to complete two other paintings of which I will post sometime.The above photos are some of the beautifl wonders of summer. The hollyhock has just began to bloom along with the roses. both are truly wonders of summer. I caught the above blacksnake napping in the sun several days ago. He decided to flee under the house but I managed to get a photo. The crusty old snapping turtle was crossing the road and fearing it might be run over, I hurried it along, although he did not fully mind his manners and tried repeatedly to bite me. I left it  in the grass and as soon as I was out of sight he hurried up the bank, heading for an old pond over the hill.  Good morning on this beauiful but stormy morning. Fathers Day marks this day and many will honor their fathers, grandfathers and great grand fathers. I am blessed with all three titles.  The gun contrroversy has left its mark with many wanting to severely restrict gun to all citizens. I fear it is only a ploy to weaken our right to bear arms and I do not agree. Humans have been killing one another since the begining of time wtih whatever weapon that is current. The bow and arrow is capable of killing many people and was once used to do just that. A hundred men in single file formation  can and have brought down as many men filling the sky with a rain of terror. Knives spears, and broad axes have been responsable for the death of many men, women and children.  Members of family have and will continue to to falll victim to a family member. Friends kill friends and  ofcourse there are those who for no apprent reason kill. Take away all guns and people will still die by the hands of another person. All law abiding people in this country have the right to bear arms and to take away their arms is a terrible mistake. If we would only enforce the writtn law, there would be less of these dreadful murders. My guns are not for killing, but for pleasure such as target shooting,competition and collecting. Hunting is an accepted pastime and most are responsable people, a heritage that has made this country a great and free nation. Of course we can as private cotizens live without guns, but not as free men. My opinion. Adios.