Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today is not forever, tomorrow is but a dream.

Somewhere in between there is life, a fragile event more precious than gold.

Goodbye my friend you will now stand among the angels. Adios

Monday, July 11, 2011

Legendary Bare Foot Pass, for the ages

Bucher Redoak and Twinkle John at Bare Foot Pass, heading South of Course

The Queen of Thistles satands outside my door

A beautiful moth resting and then she was off to somewhere.

It is possible I will remain at Bare Foot Pass for a time. The old shack where I do most of my work is a bit dusty but I don't mind. The spiders and a mouse or two welcomed me back not to mention a lizared that always watches the door. There was a newcomer standing outside by the road, some would call an intuder, but no. She is a musk thistle about seven foot tall and will soon bloom. I will remove the bloom for I don't need anymore musk thistle. I have just completed another painting. It features Butcher Redoak and Twinkles John on horse back at the legendary crossing called Bare Foot Pass. It is my feeble rediition for the ages of one of the most beautiful places on the Niangua River. Sadly I have recieved word that two very good people, friends, have been told they have cancer. Life is often not user friendly. Hot weather and I mean hot has settled over the Ozarks with prospects of many days ahead. I will welcome the autumn and cooler days. I have a story or two that I intend to work on, another old sailing ship and a couple of painting tickling my imagination. Adios.