The original Home of the Little People

I began constuction of the Home of the Little People( woodcarving shop) in the early 1970's after salvaging an old house not far from where I live and during the several  following years I enlarged the building to more than twice its original size. People from just about every state in the Union and other countries came by to claim a carving of there own. They came as faraway as Japan, England and South America. Just about evevery occupation was represented in the shop. Country preachers, teachers, lawyers, blacksmiths, lawmen and many others were carved and displayed inside the quaint building. I would set aside one of the Little People now and then for my own clollection, but have decided it is time to let many of them go. Some of the Little people were sold in Branson, Missouri and at several carft festivals, but for the most part I have records where each of them were taken. A few I am told were lost, stolen and detroyed in fires and a few turned up in antique malls.. And there were those who aquired rather large collections of the Little People including the many staffs and canes. After nearly thirty years, I began carving historic sailing ships and longer carve the Little People. As of the present I will accept checks or postal moneyorders until I can get my pay pal up and runing. For price on a carving, please inquire. Thank you

The Queen Ann's Revenge
The Infamas ship of Black Beard the Pirate
By Ronnie Powell

This woodcarving of The Queen Ann’s Revenge is my interpretation of the tall sailing ship. The measurements of the vessel are as follows, Length 24 inches, height 20 inches and width four inches. The body of the ship is of solid Lynnwood, native to the Missouri Ozarks. It has been intricately carved from a single block with the exception of the masts and other features. The ship is trimmed in brass and minutely detailed and has five Plexiglas windows in the rear, one with Black Beard, standing looking out. Three other sailors are also on board, one at the wheel, one in the crows nest and one on mid-deck. The ship is armed with eight visible cannon and seven others presumably hidden behind port covers. When completed the piece was given five coats of dark walnut over as many days and two coats of clear polyurethane satin varnish. Amount of time involved in the completion of the ship was three hundred sixty hours. This ship is one of three first editions remaining in the collection. The piece is signed and dated and displays a brass plate on the front of the base.  Thank you for looking. Ronnie     

Old Wood, Carved Cedar Cane
By Ronnie Powell

Old Cedar Wood Carved Cane
Not far from where I live is an old cedar forest, a mysterious place that some say is haunted. It has thankfully remained relatively unchanged over the years but change is occurring all around me and I fear for the sanctuary in the years ahead. There is a constant struggle within the forest as young growth attempt to find the sunlight, but many of these saplings die and are no larger in circumference than a broom handle and after several years the roots become loose and are easily extracted from the soil revealing beautiful shapes tantalizing the imagination. It is easy, at least for me to see something to carve in these red cedar roots. The root becomes the handle of the cane, a fantasy frozen in the wood. These canes as are most I carve are thirty eight inches long and can be easily shortened if necessary. The wood is fragrant and a beautiful color that I administer two coats of clear polyurethane varnish to help retain the brightness of the wood. Each cane is different. Each cane is signed and dated. Thank you for looking. Ronnie    

The Little People
By Ronnie Powell

Piano Man

Piano Man
This is one of only three Piano men I have created. This one is a second edition, but each of the carvings are different. The carving including the large base is eleven inches tall. The piano man and the piano are mounted on the base. The carvings are from Lynnwood, a native to this area. The base is from pine. All have been given two coats of light oak stain, signed and dated. (1980). A third edition now resides in England. The first edition remains in my possession.  Thank you for looking. Ronnie

Country Lawman

Old West Lawman
This carving representing lawmen from the bygone days of the old west has been a favorite of many people over the years. It stands twelve inches tall including base and is carved from Lynnwood and the base from pine and stained with light oak. These figures have been carved to represent many different characters. The above is an Ozark lawman of long ago. It is signed and dated (1978). Thank you for looking. Ronnie

Hillbilly Blacksmith

Hillbilly Blacksmith
Most sought after creations of mine are the Hillbilly carving I have done of the fanciful characters that have become legendary and even today promote rural living in the Missouri and Arkansas of long ago. This carving stands nine inches tall with base and is of Lynnwood and stained with light oak. The base is pine. The piece is signed and dated (1989).   Thank you for looking. Ronnie 

Walnut  Plaque

Old walnut Wood, Wall Plaque
This beautiful rendition of an Indian woman is carved from the remnants of an old walnut tree felled for logs. It had seasoned naturally and the wood is strikingly beautiful. The plaque measures twenty three inches long and four inches wide and has two coats of polyurethane. It is signed and dated (1996). Thank you for looking. Ronnie