Monday, November 12, 2012

Then and now

Then, 1959

And now 2012

The revolver I began with in 1959

This Colt 44 served me well for many years

Sunset over Windyville

A beautiful sunset in the above photo a few evenings ago over Windyville. Then and now is of me with an old revolver that has withstood the many years in between. I bought the British Enfield  in 1957, it was thirty years old at that time, but sadly in 1962 hard times forced me to sell it. Fifty two years later I bought it back, a most prized possession.  During those years from 1957 I began fast drawing against anyone who challanged me.When I lost the Enfield I continued on with another pistol, a Colt replica 44 precussion revolver. When at last many, many years later I was defeated after outdrawing twenty six men and one woman.  A man, the last to challenge me was the fastest. I knew it was bound to happen.Adios