Friday, April 27, 2012

Butcher Redoak
A thunder storm with a lot of lightening and rain has gone its way. I sat with Heidi on the back porch while it was passing. At one point she seemed a bit concerned about the hail that briefly fell. We shared a penut butter sndwhich. I have been busy with work around the place and I think I am about to catch up. I did finish a small painting. I have by looking everywhere at swap meets for ammo for my Webly & Scott 38. It takes 38 S&W, a bit hard to find, but I now have 4 hundred rounds and will buy another hundred rounds. I'll will have enough then to have the cases reloaded. The seventy year old piece is my favorite. It is quick and very accurate. One of the first handguns I owned was a Webley 45.Adios.

Monday, April 2, 2012

                                                                 Brushy Ridge School, 1945

                                                               Another one of my hawks

I am back again. Mowing grass, trimming and a lot of other mis. work has taken my time. Not complaining.There has been over the last several weeks a rash of friends passing on and is always sad. The beauty of spring is awesome with colors a plenty. It is a time to wander along the river and across fields of wild flowers, to remember not to leave a path. Heidi is doing very well, a loving and trusted friend. People are begining to float the rivers and mass together in Branson and other theme parks, but I am not one to run with the herd. I have finished two paintings as noted in the photos. The painting of the Brushy Ridge School is my favorite of all the paintings I created this winter. It depicts Sept. 1, 1945, my first year at the school. I have many memories tucked away of those years I attended. I am working on another book, a nonfiction of the Prehistory of the Indian along the Niangua River Basin including the adventures of my journey. Life is good at present and I look forward to each day, starting it with a cup of Red Rose Tea, looking out the window toward Bare Foot Pass. Adios