Saturday, May 29, 2010


A beautiful Heidi Jade

A princess

A camera you say?

Squinting at a squirrel

A secret place

Two large screened windows provide cool breezes for Heidi and a cricket she shares the house with.

Heidis wading pool, much larger than shows in photo

Heidi continues to blossom more beautiful than ever. She is very formal and polite. I asked her the other day while sitting with her on the lawn why she didn't show affection when out in public and she looked at me as if she understood the question and gave me a very sutle lick on the face. I then ask her what would be wrong with shaking hands when out side and she lifted her right paw for me to shake. I am convinced she understands much of what I say to her, but she does have her principals. She is very leery of strangers and is quick to bark. She is extremely fearful of people, almost everyone who gets too close and does not like sudden movements. But for the most part she is content and is at ease in the yard and her house is very important to her and wants to be inside the building at night. Storms frighten her and I make sure she is inside her home when one occurs and I often stay with her for awhile. She has her squirrels and birds to watch, and many well chewed toys but has chased all the moles away. She crys when I leave and that makes me sad. She follows my every move when I am outside and does not like it when I am using the riding mower. Heidi is indeed a princess. I am so thankful that my wife and I rescued her from the place that was very soon going to to put her down. I believe many of the memories she brought with her are becoming dimmer by the day. Heidi is proud and a loyal friend. If only everyone could or would understand and respect all living creatures. Adios.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The orphan

From out of the darkness came Annie

Poor Annie

Annie is waiting

As some people may have noticed, I have been away for awhile. There was a yard sale to set up, an Alumni to prepare for and lots of grass to mow, not to mention many other spring chores. It is possible no one missed me, that has happened before. During the preperation for the yard sale I found Annie as I will call her, lost among years of clutter, bits and pieces of by gone days. It was a dusty, lonely place I am certain, but now Annie is back and cleaned up. I have no idea where she came fom or who she is. She still has a haunted look even though she is just a doll. But I felt sorry for her and decided not to sell her and let her remain here at least for awhile. We may even buy her a new dress. Adios

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ronnie's Library

Front Cover of South Through Barefoot Pass
(but in black and white)

Tiddleson, Son of Tiddle

Tiddleson's Ship on front cover

A Stranger in London Smoke

Life Along the Dousinberry

I decided this morning, a beautiful day in the Ozarks to reflect again on my published books. I have sent many out to those who have requested them, one as far away as Ireland. All of my books are limited editions a total of 1400 copies of which more than half are gone. One day there will be none left and I will have succeded in my dream of a published author. I am but a speck on a horizon of authors who have gained world fame, nevertheless I have fulfilled what I set out to do. Each published book was designed by me as was the illustrations. Morris Publishing printed them and the books are of enduring quality and beauty. One reader said to me that each of my books are like a box of chocolates, each chapter a different flavor and texture. I am deeply appreciative of this statement. Another reader said, anyone finishing Tiddleson, Son of Tiddle can only believe he exists. To anyone who is interested in more
information please go to Adios

South Through Barefoot Pass is 122 pages sixteen chapters and is a illustrated limited first editid. Short stories of fact, fiction and folktales and is a journey across the Ozarks and beyond. Three essays reveal the authors deep appreciation of the land, its people and remnants of Americana. Adventures lies ahead along the crooked road that leads to Barefoot Pass.
Tiddleson, Son of Tiddle, is a delightfully, warm and moving fantasy/adventure novel. It is 303 pages, twelve chapters, illustrated and numbered first edition. It is the story of the Amicus people who stand no taller than a dandelion stem. The story begins at Wicklow Mountain in Ireland then journeys across an unforgiving sea to Wilderness America where on a high knoll deep within the Missouri Ozarks the clan of little people find safe haven inside an ancient limestone faintly marked with ancient Indian hieroglyphics. To survive the Amicus move with caution along paths so narrow a rabbit can hardly walk and travel looking over their shoulders, staring frightfully into the shadows. They often fight to the death to ensure the clan will survive one more day. Yet for all their hardships these remarkable humans retain their faith and independence.
A Stranger in London Smoke is 224 pages, six chapters, illustrated limited and numbered first edition.
A Stranger in London Smoke is the story of one man’s courage against the lawless during the late 1800’s. The story begins in London Smoke, Missouri, as Keith Bradshaw, a teacher sets out to right some of the wrongs of his father a former Baldnobber. Bradshaw’s journey ultimately changes the lives of six people and destroys the lives of seven others. A Stranger in London Smoke is a love story entwined in love and hate, to reveal the haunting secret of this gentle but unwavering man.
Life Along the Dousinberry is a saga of a Missouri Ozark boy’s journey through the troubling years of the 1940’s. It is 294 pages, sixteen chapters, illustrated limited and numbered first edition. Nestled beneath ancient oak trees on the North face of Brushy Ridge the Shannon house has stood for over a century and home of Ronnie Shannon, his parents and two brothers. To be certain Ronnie and his sidekick Jimmie thrived in the clandestine world of their adventures which often tests the boys’ courage and stamina. There are humorous situations and diabolical schemes when love is tender, but easily forgotten. It is time of a beginning transformation into the reality and uncertainty of adolescence.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Heidi and an Orange Volkswagon

To all who commented on Heidi, thank you

A great find

Yesterday I went with a friend to a flea market mall and lo and behold I found a Volkswagon, a rare find these days. It is orange in color and another plus, for I have not this color in my collection. So the little car will take its place among the many other Volkswagons. Adios