Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Imitators

The Imitators

By Ronnie Powell
We are at last enjoying a much cooler time here in the Ozarks, with rain. It may not last, but with September looming ahead, summer will soon fade into autumn. I have been editing a book that will soon be ready for publication. The title is "The Imitators" and is a story of invaders from outerspace. The saga takes place here in the Missouri Ozarks with world wide occupation of the dreadful creatures which have brought humankind to its knees. I must say I get goose bumps each time I read it. With luck I hope to see it published sometime in the near future. Adios

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mister Lafferty And A Man Called Ike

Last Known Sighting of Two Lanterns Lafferty

A Man Called Ike

A few days ago after we set a live mouse trap in the house, one tiny little mouse was detained. I took the mouse across the road and set it down next a piece of cheese. As I turned to leave it looked up at me as if to say, "I won't make it out here, I'm too young." Later I decided I shoud not have left it there. Another mouse, also a young one was caught in the trap and as I walked out the door with it, I decided I had two options. One, to kill the little fellow or take care of it until it was grown and then turn it loose. I chose the latter and it is growing fat and healthy and soon I will turn it loose in an old abandoned building not far from here. I still think about the first one I sat down in the woods and left behind. I have painted two more Of The Ages Paintings. The first one was started several months ago and the second one I have recently completed. I hope they are enjoyed. Adios.