Friday, February 15, 2013

A death on M M highwy

The owl lay to the left of the yellw line near the curve

No one wants to slow down on this winding road

A sad sight to behold

Several days ago while Heidi and I were walking along the road we came upon an owl lying near the center line. It was dead. There were no marks to suggest it had been shot or run over by a vehicle. I must assume it had tried to take flight and was hit by a fast moving car or truck. The poor creature was beautiful even in death. I know little about owls and can't say for certain what species of an owl it was. I picked it up and carried it to some tall grass along a fence line and laid it down. A fitting place for a once wonderful creature of the sky.

Just beyond Heaven's gate

Entering the cedar glade

A most beautiful and wild place to be

A couple of mornings ago I awakened to see a beautiful snowy landscape and so with heidie in tow I headed for Heaven's gate. Before me lay a most remarkable scene along the trail winding through the cedars heavily laden with snow. I saw many deer and rabbit tracks along with coyote tracks. It is always quite along that part of the cedar forest, but that morning was unusualy quite and awesome to say the least. two hours later most of the snow was gone, melted under the warm sun. Adios