Monday, February 20, 2012

It has been a beautiful day here in Windyville and I have been outside most of the morning. Above is my latest painting  and is of the Windyville store and how it may have appeared in 1935. Much has changed since then and no longer is it a thriving business, but rather a private home. Across the road from the store I placed a barber shop, which no longer exists and behind the store stands the canning factory and still remains. The other building is another store and it is standing at present, but in dire need of repair. I enjoyed creating the painting. It is my way of looking back. Adios.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snow Day in the Ozarks

From near and far they cme to Feed

A beautiful tranformation to the the town

Misty and Butterfly
Yesterday was a beautiful sight with snow steadily falling, but the amount that quietly settled to the ground was only about 2 inches. Not bad, perhaps no more for the winter. The bird feeders were full of redbirds crowding in to get a bite or two.  The cedar trees are awakening, their scent is strong and I can see many other plants begining to stir. A rather large flock of geese passed over town a couple of days ago, heading north. When Lady Spring appears I will be the first to welcome the lovely sight of her. I have enjoyed most of the winter, devoting most of the time to my painting and writing some also. A very good and trusted friend passed away this week and is a somber note to this day and others to come. Adios.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Perhaps a bit to serious hat

A bit of a show off hat

A friendly hat

I welcome me back to South Through Bare Foot Pass and appreciate anyone who may be glad that I am here. I was told I had failed to update certian aspects of my computer and it would not respond to me. It is very cold here in the Ozarks this morning and will be even colder tonight. But overall we are haveing a rather mild winter, at least up to the present. Snow is coming tomorrow, so we may face some nasty weather. A lot has happened to me since last I posted, nothing too negative however. I have fallen from grace with a board of directors, of whom I did not approve of their underhanded tactics.

Black and white hats and all other colors in-between

The following is an unofficial study of hats or perhaps an observation. I love western hats, especially Stetsons, Beavers and Baileys. Each style that I have represents eras long since past, from the early days of this country to the present. The present styles are not to my liking. I have, some might say too many hats, but the amount in my opinion is not relevant. One of my observations is when I wear a black hat; people don’t seem to be as friendly as they are when I am wearing a white hat. Other shades of color, such as grays and browns make little difference. Many men wear black hats and I wonder why. Perhaps it is a macho thing, but I really don’t know. In the movies, at least the older productions put white hats on the good guys and black hats on the bad guys. Of course this theory isn’t true, for I know many upstanding men and women who where black hats. For me a black hat, I have only one, they are hot in the summer months and collect, more dust, or at least shows it more clearly. I am more at ease wearing a light colored hat or a gray or brown. Most important my hat must be able to withstand the rain, time and again and look as good as it did before getting drenched. It is evident to me this study or observation may be unimportant to most people but I thought it interesting. Adios.

Saturday, February 4, 2012