Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reality # 0ne

One part of someone's home

A Webley Scott mark 4, 38 revolver
Feb. 29 a little after midnight brought a strorm that came very close to us. I stood on the front porch looking south and shuddered at the sight and sounds within the darkness. A tornado warning had been issued for our area and when I came back inside I was certain we were in for a dreadful night. I went back outside once more and saw the storm overhead and to the east of us and breathed a sigh of relief. This storm had already tore up a trailer park about twenty miles from us and killed one person. We later found a large piece of debris from a moble home trailer in our back yard and one other smaller piece. From that point on the news on T'V. was awesome with sights of complete destruction all around us and deep into the south. We humans are no more that objects to be crushed anytime by nature. Once again that is a humbling reality. On a lighter note I attended a gunshow nearby, with little intentions of buying anything. As I was nearing the last few remaing booths I saw an old friend, or least a relative of Webley Scott. Webley Scott is of course a English revolver and  to be exact a Mark 4, 38 caliber. I asked to see it and when I picked it up it was an old familiar sensation. For many years ago I owned one, a fine rugged handgun that the English are known for. The one I found at the gun show was a later model, 1940, but was near identicl to the one before of which was made about 1920. I did not hesitate and bought the old gun. It is in near perfect condition, possibly a warehouse item. I am very please to again to own a Webley. Adios.